What can you expect during a Sunday morning worship service ?

Before the service begins, make sure to head to the Coffee Closet (located inside the front entrance doors…where the crowd is) and help yourself to a warm cup of coffee and delicious treat.

Our worship style is “traditional” in that we follow an order of worship that stays consistent from week to week, we sing traditional hymns, and celebrate Communion, or The Lord’s Supper every week.  Sharing Communion together is one of the central focal points of every worship service.

What time?  10 a.m.

What do I wear?  Clothes!  Seriously though, Jesus didn’t have a dress code and neither do we.  Some people are most comfortable worshipping in their “Sunday Best” while others prefer shorts and a t-shirt, and a lot of people wear something in between.

How long does the service last? Usually about an hour.

What about Communion? We recognize The Lord’s Table as being open to each and every person who walks through the door.  Jesus didn’t set restrictions or limitations on who could eat with Him, and neither do we.  ALL are welcome!